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Friends of Camoretro.com

Haydel's Game Calls

Louisiana based family owned and operated national leader of the finest quality game calls.

American Hunt

Need a place to hunt? Have land available to lease this season?
American Hunt's goal is to connect the everyday person with private land available to lease, for short-term use.

Old Sport Company

Old Sport Company provides the only Hand Stitched Needlepoint Penny Loafers and Accessories.⚓️ The Old Sport Penny enables you to show off the things you love without saying anything at all.
They’re passionate about hunting, and preserving Southern Traditions.  
Use your exclusive discount to receive 5% off any order on their website with CAMO5. Happy shopping, Old Sport.

The Guide Series Podcast

Join hosts Hunter and Shawn for a behind the scenes look of what outdoor guides go through everyday. Dive deep into the lifestyle that outdoor guides live, clients they meet, stories they hear and experiences they make along the way.

Spring Legion

An online community and resource for turkey hunters across the nation.