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Seller Profile: Ethan LaValley

Camoretro Seller Ethan LaValley

Seller Profile: Ethan LaValley

In case you didn't know, Camoretro.com isn't only the best place for you to find and buy preowned hunting gear online - you can also sell gear you no longer use for cash! The average seller on Camoretro.com has earned $224 after selling at least one item. This is cash for gear that is often unused, and someone in the Camoretro community is eager to own it! Soon, sellers will receive perks and exclusive deals, join now (for free) and don't miss out. 

The average seller on Camoretro.com has earned $224 after selling at least one item.

A few weeks ago Ethan posted a shirt with an eye catching pattern that I had never seen before. I reached out to Ethan wanting to learn more about it and, after a great conversation, thought you might be interested in meeting one of your sellers!

As this community continues to grow, I look forward to meeting (and buying from) a few of you! 

If you have a story to tell, email me at logan@camoretro.com. I look forward to helping you tell it. 

Ethan LaValley

Where does your passion for the outdoors come from?

Our neighborhood that we moved to when I was 10 had a pond in it with stocked bass and ever since then I was hooked on anything hunting and fishing.

What's your favorite outdoor brand? Why?

My favorite outdoor brand is really anything vintage because of how well made everything used to be. It’s tough to find stuff that will last for a long time. If I had to narrow it down to a single brand then I’d have to go with Simms.

What's your favorite camo pattern? Why?

My favorite camo pattern has to be either the original Trebark or Mossy Oak Bottomland. You can be anywhere in the country and those patterns will always get it done for you.

What's been your favorite purchase and listing from Camoretro?

My favorite purchase that I’ve made off of Camoretro is the Team Ducks Unlimited white SnapBack. My favorite listing that I’ve had on the site is the Trebark pintail Ducks Unlimited SnapBack. I had that hat for years and I’m glad it went to someone that could appreciate it as much as I did.

How did you hear about Camoretro?

I always saw Camoretro’s page on Instagram but at first didn’t know that you could sell your own gear on it and also purchase gear as well.

What made you decide to sell with Camoretro?

The reason I started to sell my gear on Camoretro was because I had a solid collection already with vintage hunting gear but it was just sitting around collecting dust. I figured someone would appreciate this stuff and so I posted my first listings and ended up selling them really fast.

How has that experience been?

So far the experience has been great. Logan does a great job with the website and how user friendly it is also. It’s nice to be in a community with a bunch of people that share the same love for vintage gear as we do.

What are you most looking forward to in the 2020 seasons?

Right now we’re all anxiously waiting for turkeys to start up so I’m definitely most excited for that. And of course to use some of the gear that I’ve gotten from the site as well.

Any advice for those with a newfound interest in the outdoors?

Keep it simple, there will always be the people that tell you that you need the nicest and most expensive gear out there to be able to do certain things. Adopt what you know works best for you and stick with it.

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