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Seller Policy

  • Listed items should not be in poor condition. If they are, the price should reflect it. 
  • Camoretro reserves the right to remove items at its discretion
  • Camoretro charges a 14% commission on sales
  • Camoretro.com pays sellers the second Sunday after an item is shipped, pending delivery
  • Payments are made via PayPal, sellers sync Paypal with their Camoretro account
  • Sellers are responsible for the shipping costs of all items. As a seller, please keep this in mind when listing and pricing items. 
  • All sellers must follow Camoretro's refund policies. Keep these in mind when listing and selling products. Any policy adopted that is more liberal than camoretro's is adopted at the seller's own risk
  • Please be diligent with inventory tracking. If a seller lists and sells an item that they cannot fulfill the order of, a processing fee equal to 5% of the item's total cost at the point of sale is applied to the seller's next payout
  • If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to info@camoretro.com for more information