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Camoretro.com FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Camoretro.com?

A website that provides a marketplace and community for those with a newfound or longstanding passion for the outdoors. The Camoretro marketplace allows users to buy & sell outdoor goods. This includes art, lifestyle, apparel, and gear. This marketplace allows you to earn cash for the things you no longer need while increasing access to quality goods for others. Create your free account and list your goods for free today to start earning cash. You can do it all from your phone!


How does the Camoretro marketplace work?

It's completely free to create an account and list your inventory. 

Shipping costs should be considered when listing your inventory as shipping is included in the listed price.

When items from your inventory sell you'll receive an email with the customer's shipping information.

The website collects a 12% commission at point of sale. 

You receive payment the Monday after the customer receives and accepts the item they purchased.

Customers have 3 days to review their order before payment for the order is issued.

The entire process is insured & secure.

Camoretro is 100% involved throughout the entire fulfillment process. We stand behind our process and never offload customer or seller issues to third parties. 

The Camoretro platform is completely mobile friendly! 

Why sell with Camoretro?

Creating an account and listing your inventory is completely free.

Your goods are advertised on Camoretro's 20k+ follower Instagram account and a weekly newsletter with over 2,000 subscribers. 

Camoretro customers have a longstanding or newfound passion for the outdoors. 

By buying or selling with Camoretro you're supporting a small business within the outdoor industry.

When a customer purchases an item from you, Camoretro.com's e-commerce platform securely handles the payment process for you and shipping information is sent directly to your email. 

Every item listed on Camoretro.com is approved as a quality and functional piece of inventory that is relevant to enthusiasts.

Camoretro's quality control offers a unique convenience to customers that allows you to list your gear for a premium compared to other online marketplaces.

Every transaction is insured and backed by our store policies. This provides peace of mind for sellers and customers!

    What happens after I sell an item?

    After a customer purchases your item, Camoretro’s e-commerce platform handles the payment process on your behalf in a secure way. Shipping information is sent directly to your email inbox at this time.
    Once you ship the customer's order, plug the tracking information into the order information through your seller account (you can log in to yours here). 
    You will be paid through your Paypal account or Preferred Payment Method pending the item's delivery and the customer's review (customers have 3 days to review their order for issues). Be sure you've synced a Paypal account with your seller account! 

    As of December 2022, we're expanding our payment options for sellers. If you're a registered seller and you wish to be paid via Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp, or Paypal Friends & Family please follow the link below and fill out the form.


    Where can I sign up or learn more about selling my gear on Camoretro?

    Can I send my collection to you to sell?

    You can! We've always done a little bit of this for friends & family, but we're now offering our Consignment Collections service to everyone.


    Follow us on Instagram (@Camoretro) to keep up with our latest updates and send any additional questions to Info@Camoretro.com